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Warm French Vanilla Aromatherapy Bath Salts

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β˜•βœ¨ Indulge in Comfort with our Warm French Vanilla Aromatherapy Bath Salts! βœ¨πŸ›

Unwind and immerse yourself in the luxurious embrace of our 17 oz Warm French Vanilla Aromatherapy Bath Salts. Elevate your bathing ritual with the comforting fragrance of rich, velvety vanilla, reminiscent of a cozy cafΓ© in the heart of Paris. Transform your bath into a haven of warmth and relaxation with this exquisite blend.

🍨 Decadent Comfort in Every Soak: Picture yourself enveloped in the soothing scent of warm French vanilla. Our carefully crafted bath salts offer a decadent experience, creating a sense of indulgence and tranquility that lingers long after your bath.

β˜• Sensory Delight: Let the aromatic notes of sweet vanilla transport you to a place of serenity. This aromatherapy blend is designed to soothe your senses, providing a calming effect that eases away the stresses of the day.

🌿 Premium Epsom Salt Formula: Crafted with the highest quality Epsom salt, our bath salts not only delight your senses but also offer the therapeutic benefits of magnesium. Soak away tension and nurture your skin with this premium formula for a truly rejuvenating experience.

πŸ› Easy-to-Use Luxury: Transform your bath into a spa-like retreat effortlessly. Add a generous handful of Warm French Vanilla Aromatherapy Bath Salts to your warm bathwater and let the indulgence begin. Watch as the salts dissolve, releasing the comforting fragrance for an instant mood boost.

🎁 Perfect Gift for Self-Care: Packaged in an elegant 17 oz bottle, our Warm French Vanilla Aromatherapy Bath Salts make for a thoughtful gift for yourself or a loved one. Elevate your self-care routine and make bath time a ritual of comfort and relaxation.

Experience the epitome of coziness with the inviting aroma of Warm French Vanilla. Order your bottle now and turn your bath into a sanctuary of warmth and indulgence. β˜•πŸ›

Our bath salts do not affect the pH or water chemistry - Our bath crystals are safe for children and pets - and will not damage, stain or alter bath or hot tub equipment or surface.

Care Instructions

Store in a cool/dry place. Do not store in direct sun. Close cap tightly when done to retain scent.