Q: What is your return policy?

A: 30 day return policy for unopened/unused products!

Q:  Where can I buy bath salts and bath crystals?
A:  You can buy quality bath salts and bath crystals at low pricing here at https://relaxspaandbath.com.

Q:  Can bath crystals get you high?
A:  No, bath crystals and salts for your spa or tub cannot get you high. Many people confuse bath salts or crystals as a drug with bath salts used to soak in as the same, but they are not. 


Q:  What do bath crystals do?
A:  Bath crystals are an anti-inflammatory for joint, muscle, and nerve pain. Bath crystals also detoxify the body of byproducts caused by high stress. Bath crystals promote healthy skin by moisturizing and softening it. Bath crystals also make your tub or spa smell good and have aromatherapy properties.


Q:  What are bath crystals made of? 
A:  Our premium blend of bath crystals are made of pure magnesium sulfate and select vitamins and minerals that are clinically proven to moisturize and soften skin and relieve joint, muscle, and nerve pain.


Q: How much bath crystals should I use in my bath or spa?
A:  Our recommended amount for a bath would be about 2-3 caps full of "Relax Spa & Bath" product. For a hot tub/jacuzzi tub, it really depends on the size of the tub. For an average sized tub we recommend 3-4 caps full or if you have a 4oz sample bottle, use the whole thing. It's all personal preference. If you prefer a stronger smelling bath, simply add more salt.


Q: What are bath soak crystals?
A: Bath soak crystals are an aromatherapy-based salt product that helps relieve muscle and joint pain, reduce stress, and promote soft, moisturized skin. Bath soak crystals are used in hot tubs, bath tubs, and showers.


Q: Are bath crystals safe?
A:  Yes, bath crystals are safe when used correctly. They are to be used in a hot tub, bath tub, or shower. They will not change the ph levels of your water in your hot tub nor will they clog filters or leave any residue when finished. Bath crystals are not to be eaten.