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Athletic Soak Therapy Collection Bundle

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Bath Salts and Bath Crystals made for athletes.

✔️Safe for spas, hot tubs, and baths! 
✔️Safe for children and pets!
✔️100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
  • 3 - 17 Ounce Bottles of our Athletic Soak bath crystals made for athletes!
  • Relief (Mentha), Rebuild (Lavender+Musk), and Recover (Citrus).
  • Anti-inflammatory bath crystals. Helps reduce muscle, joint, and cartilage pain.
  • Powerful aromatherapy bath crystals with natural coloring - enhance relaxation - vitamin-infused.
  • Skin softening bath crystals - reduces swelling - softer skin.
  • Our Bath Crystals are safe for foot baths, spas, hot tubs, jacuzzi, and whirlpool baths.
  • Looking for bath salts that don't affect the pH or water chemistry? - Our bath crystals are safe for children and pets - and will not damage, stain or affect equipment or surface.

✔️We know you will be happy with your purchase. If for some reason you aren't, please don't hesitate to reach out and we will get you taken care of.

Care Instructions

Store in a cool/dry place. Do not store in direct sun. Close cap tightly when done to retain scent.