How Do I Make My Detox Soak More Relaxing? (Part I)

How Do I Make My Detox Soak More Relaxing? (Part I)

detox soak with bath salts and essential oils

Part I

Vital therapy time. What do you do to make your detox soak more relaxing? (Spoiler: You'll also get the best sleep ever!)

You’ve had a long day (or worse, a long week), and you want to unwind in a long, hot soak with all the right aromatherapy tools before hitting the hay.

We know that this has great benefits for your mental and physical well-being, including vital therapy like clearing your mind of stressful thoughts, soothing aches and pains, relieving irritating skin conditions, and reinvigorating your muscles.

You want to do it right, though. Right? Here are some tips to get the most out of your soak, bubble solution, and rubber ducky (optional).

I. Get Your Tub Ready
II. Set up a Bathtub Caddy for Your Accessories
III. Mood LIghting and Music
IV. Right Place, Right Time
V. Getting the Goods

Get Your Tub Ready

Before you slide in to relax, be sure to get down and dirty by giving your tub a good, deep clean ahead of time—especially if it’s been a while.

You can get yourself a reliable cleaning product and a brush, or even just give your tub a good freshening up by scrubbing with some citrus fruit juice (grapefruit is probably your best bet) and sea salt.

If it’s been a while since your last good bathroom cleaning, this could be a good chance to get your entire “Zenvironment” nice and clean. Oven cleaner can get your tub looking good as new, especially if you use a power drill to aid the scrubbing process.

Set up a Bathtub Caddy for Accessories Handy

 Once you’re soaking and feeling relaxed, you don’t want to remember that good book you’re reading and have to get out of the tub to grab it then. And where was that remote for the stereo to change the music?

A little something to drink is fine, but make sure you have plenty of water handy to stay hydrated.

A bathtub caddy or tray stretches across your open tub where you can keep your remote, beverages, books, magazines, candles, incense, etc. handy.  You can buy one or learn how to make one on the cheap here.

Mood Lighting and Music

Get your bathroom into relaxing Zen mode by changing up a few things: the lighting and some relaxing sounds or music.  Dimmable LED and colored lights add a nice touch, but even just some candles lit in the dark work well, too.

You know what kind of music relaxes you best, but keep in mind that some music is specifically designed for soothing. Research shows that slower music (around 90 beats per minute or less) with a 4/4 beat, with softer instruments and softer to no drum beat work best.

Ambient sounds are relaxing, too (rainfall, ocean surf, night sounds, crackling campfire, etc.).  

Right Place, Right Time

When do you take your relaxing detox soak? Well, you can take one anytime, but the best time is right before you go to bed. Your circulation will increase, your body temperature will rise, helping your immune system get stronger, and your circulation will rise, as well.  You’ll be in just the right mindset and your body will be in just the right mood to drift off for a good night’s sleep.

Getting the Goods-Bath Salts and Oils

We’re almost there to your most relaxing detox bathtub soak ever, but until the next article, get some good bath salts and essential oils ready for a great experience that could end up being your next favorite pastime. We’ll finish getting you set up next time.

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